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2011-2012 E-Rate Information

E- Rate:

The E-Rate administration process continues to be interesting, in the face of tightening rules and changing disbursement practices. Online resources are also improving, which helps districts navigate the process. The E-Rate process begins with a District Technology Plan. This plan must be approved by the State Board of Education. There are 5 major components that need to be addressed in the plan.

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The Universal Service Administration Company's (SLD) site has a wealth of self-help e-rate education resources:

Training Presentations from USAC


Helpful Handouts

  • Applicant Guide to Success (PDF) (br)
  • Schools and Libraries Acronyms and Terms (PDF)

  • Video Tutorials (Additional videos coming soon)

  • Samples and Examples (Additional samples and examples coming soon)
  • USAC Sample Letters (Additional sample letters coming soon)

    Want to keep in touch with USAC or learn more about the E-Rate program?
    • Sign up for the SL News Brief, a weekly publication designed for E-Rate applicants, which also includes program
    information for service providers.
    • Request information about how to get one-on-one assistance from E-Rate staff
    through our HATS (Helping Applicants to Succeed) program by emailing

    The Universal Service Administrative Company's main site carries important notices and online contact options

    Another resource is E-Rate Central, hosted by State E-Rate Coodinators Alliance (SECA)
    Have information on the Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA) as published by the SLD


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    If school districts need additional assistance, they should contact the Learning Technology Center. Also provided is assistance in the form of Workshops to prepare both Form 470 and Form 471. Here is a link to future E Rate workshops hosted in the LTC1C area.


    The LTC has access to knowledgeable folks who may respond to specific, though general programmatic, issues. Please call: 630.281.5891 if you need more assistance.


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    Gerry Zeller will facilitate E-rate training sessions.




    E-mail: Kathleen Barnhart

    The E-rate Program is investing in more field audits. In order to be better prepared for one of these audits, please follow all directions provided by ISBE and the LTC1C for technology planning and e Rate applications.t.