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Technology Planning 2011-2012

Districts with plans expiring June 30, 2012 should submit a new Technology Plan by February 29, 2012. Please follow this site for constant updates, as the process for submission continues to be developed. There have been many questions along the way, so attached is a document that addresses some of those questions, click FAQ to find out more. FAQ

Mid-Course Correction and/or Annual Review - please use the attached document to complete this process. Directions are included in the document. If you have questions, please call the LTC.

Please check this list of Workshop Sessions at all three ISC Locations. Cannot make the

meetings? Here is a link to information (coming soon) shared at those meetings.

Session Presentations

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PART I - Submitting a DRAFT Tech Plan

The Basic technology plan (formerly called Draft) is ONLY necessary if a district's technology plan is expiring June 30, 2012 AND the district is seeking E-Rate funding (or EETT). 

If the district's technology plan doesn't expire in 2012 or the district isn't seeking E-Rate or EETT funding, the basic technology plan isn't required

The basic technology plan allows the district to obtain a “written/creation” date. 
The “written/creation” date is one of the dates included in the technology plan approval letter.

Please use the following templates to establish a Creation Date. These templates are provided for you to use to get organized before you enter data into the IIRC website. Once you gather the information outlined in the Guide and Templates, you will then enter the information into the IIRC website. This will establish your 'written/creation' date. This date is necessary BEFORE applying for E Rate funding for school year 2011-2012.

Here are the steps for establishing your 'Creation' date.
1. Download the Basic GUIDE - Read It!
2. Download the BASIC_Template_2011 - Complete It!
3. Make sure you address all worksheets in that Basic Template. IF the IIRC template is open, continue with the rest of these direcctions. IF not, print and save the template as proof of a creation date.
4. Take the information you gathered on the 2 Templates and go to IIRC, log-into your TIP plan and enter the information.
5. Click SAVE on all windows.
6. When done, Generate a PDF copy of what you have entered on the website.
7. Date and Time stamp your pdf copy, and keep in a safe place.
-----Basic GUIDE ----- ERate_ Basic_TechnololgyPlan_Template_2011

Sample Basic TECH DEPLOYMENT Data Piece Sample Basic ACTION Tech Plan

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PART II - Submitting Your Entire Technology Plan

1. Expired Plans and/or Expiring June 30, 2012 Suburban Cook County Districts


2. CountdownThis document provides a timeline for districts to follow as they develop their technology plans.


3. E-Plan Website

This site is still under construction, but is functional, you may begin to enter information here. Please save a back up on anything that you enter at this site. On your district main page at this site, click on the link to ePlans. You will need your Username and Password. If you do not know this information, please call the LTC Office at 630-281-5891.


4. Data Tools

Link to Next Steps on-line survey website. The old Next Steps surveys have been updated. Please use this site to collect your data. Choose the link below and click the Request access tot he portal. You will be issued an 'Administrator' username and password. This will allow for the management of all surveys. :

Other levels of managment are Principal, Teacher, and Student. Technology Student Assessments at 5th and 8th grade are included, as well as surveys for School/District Improvement.

Provided for you are here 4 of the Old Next Steps surveys that might be employed to collect data for Section I Data & Analysis part of the technology plan. So if you wish to develop your own, you can start with these as examples.
Student Survey
Home/School Connection Survey (Parental Data section)
Teacher Tech Survey
Library Survey

District Technology Inventory (spreadsheet)
Additional Spreadsheets for Tech Inventory
Computer Inventory
District Tech_Inventory_Survey


5. Technology Plan Template - Section I - Data & Analysis

6. Template Action Plan - Section II (Need to change dates on this document for current plans).

(Section IV) not included.


7. S.M.A.R.T. GOAL Defined

SMART Goal Worksheet

Help with defining and development of your SMART goal for Action Plan.


8. Late Submission (coming)

9. ISBE Timeline for Peer Review 2011 (pending ISBE)

To answer the questions regarding the Peer Review process and the timelines for getting your plan approved before June 30, 2011, follow this link, Timeline for Peer Review 2011. So if your plan gets sent back to your district for any edits, additions, or updates that need to be corrected before approval, you will know how much time you have to complete those tasks.

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Here are the presentations from the tech planning sessions presented to LTC1C districts.

ISBE-TIP Monitoring Guide

This guide presents the various sections and a list of questions to ask yourself as you complete the Technology Integration Plan. This list of questions will be the guide that Peer Reviewers will use to assess your plan.

Understanding CIPA Resources - Documents to help in understanding the requirements for developing a school board policy that is Childrent's Internet Protection Act) compliant.

CIPA Policy Primer     CIPA Policy Sample     CIPA Checklist     CIPA Guidelines


ISBE - E-Learning Website   

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PART III - E Rate Resouces

LTC1C will host sessions with E Rate consultant to provide assistance in the E Rate application process.


USAC Training Materials Website USAC website
Listing of E-Rate Sessions

Universal Service Administrative Company- This website will provide all the information you need to understand the E-Rate Process.

E-Rate Funding Resource

This link will provide you with the information necessary to look up enrollment numbers, as well as number of students in 'free' and 'reduced' lunch programs.  The numbers on the most current spreadsheet should be used on your Form 471 for E Rate apps.

ISBE - Free and Reduced Numbers

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